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What if I don’t have 10 people I want to reach?

You can enter any number of contacts, up to 10.

Will these contacts know that these posts came from me?

Not unless you tell them! FactsRx promotes news stories using Facebook ads. The posts will show up in your contacts’ feeds as “Sponsored posts” from FactsRx or one of our affiliated Facebook pages. They’ll show up just like this:

Can I be certain that an individual saw a particular post?

For privacy reasons, Facebook does not share individual-level detail about who has seen a particular ad of ours. While we cannot be certain that a particular person saw an ad, on average our posts reach 80% of the contacts in our subscribers’ lists, an average of twice per unique post. Each month, we’ll send out an email to our paying subscribers sharing statistics for that month.

People’s reactions/comments on our posts are public. We are working on a way to be able to share with you when one of your contacts reacts to, or comments on, one of our promoted posts.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just contact us via the “contact us” page, and we’ll take care of that for you.

How are you able to advertise to the people on my list?

FactsRx uses Facebook’s “Custom Audience” feature. You can read about it here. Facebook allows advertisers to upload a list of contacts, and the company will then match the members of the list to Facebook profiles. We see a very high match rate (over 90%) when we provide either an email address or a cell phone number.

Once the list is uploaded, we simply place an ad on Facebook and configure the campaign to ONLY deliver impressions to people on our list.