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Share the Truth Your Republican Friends Need to See

Welcome to FactsRx, where truth is the antidote to right-wing misinformation. Join our community of truth-seeking citizens dedicated to countering conservative bias. For just $5/month, we’ll use Facebook ads to reach your friends with alternative viewpoints they won’t find in their normal news sources.

Why FactsRx?

Your Republican friends and family live in a media bubble that continues to drift both further rightward and further from reality. They need a dose of reality, but sharing articles on social media and the ensuing arguments can be exhausting. 

FactsRx was founded to make it easier for you to get important headlines in front of your Republican friends and family, without you having to be directly involved. 

We curate stories and headlines that are most persuasive to conservative voters and run them as targeted ads on Facebook, directly reaching YOUR FRIENDS.

How It Works

  1. Tell us who you want to reach: Provide us with a list of up to 10 conservative friends on Facebook who you’d like to reach. We securely upload this information to Facebook and Facebook matches your contacts to its database.
  2. We Buy Targeted Ads: Every month, we publish and promote current headlines and news stories that your contacts need to see. Your $5 buys 50-100 impressions – meaning on average, your 10 contacts will each see 5-10 of these posts per month.
  3. Feedback: Each month we’ll let you know what articles we shared and how many impressions we delivered.

Join the Truth Movement

By becoming a FactsRx subscriber, you’re not just getting the truth in front of your friends and family—you’re joining a growing community committed to the fight against misinformation.  Get started and we’ll start delivering ads to your contacts today.